Thursday, May 6, 2010

Trust eMedia

Trust eMedia is a Social Media Marketing studio located in Southeastern Wisconsin. President, Tracy Terry, noticed a need for Social Media Marketing for many area businesses. As an experienced marketer, Ms. Terry is sure to make the most of this promising business.

After attending several events and seminars over the last few years, Ms. Terry noticed that all the Social Media Marketing workshops were the most full. "Everyone wants to know about it. It is constantly changing. Social Media is changing fast than marketers can learn how to use it," stated Tracy Terry. Seems that among the hundreds in attendance for each seminar she attended, less than 1/3 were actually using social media. Tracy Terry stated, "Most marketers did not know how to get started or they just do not have the time. Social Media is very time consuming, but is extremely beneficial."

Thus, Trust eMedia was formed. Not only does Trust eMedia offer Social Media Marketing packages, but Ms. Terry has also brought into the business her expertise in other areas as well, such as: radio negotiations and ad copy, graphic design, digital design, enewsletters, press release writing and distribution, powerpoint presentations, logo design, and email marketing campaigns. With an already established contact list, businesses are sure to receive the most from Trust eMedia.

For those businesses who know they need to jump on board before they miss the boat, but just do not have the time or the start up knowledge, call on Trust eMedia for all your Social Media Marketing needs. Visit

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