Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Trust eMedia is Hubspot's Inbound Marketer of the Month for June 2010.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Social Media…Expert?

I answered a discussion on LinkedIn today, and it got me thinking… I think this is something I want to blog about. The ever growing list of social media experts out there. I know that last one is not a complete sentence.

Everywhere I look, I see Social Media Expert labeled as someone’s profession. Call me out wrong, but how can anyone be an expert on this subject? Social media is constantly changing and growing. It’s changing every day. Every day we learn something new from it. Since we are all learning, how can anyone be an expert? I, myself, have branched out to form my own social media marketing agency, but I could never call myself an expert. I have listened to all the webinars, attended all the seminars and several conferences, even studied to become certified, but I do not consider myself an expert by any means. I feel that would be a total misconception and I think most people would call me out on it as well. I think my potential customers might even be leery of the term.

I also notice tons of current marketing agencies out there adding social media to their mix. Do they know how to leverage social media? I do not know and cannot say. But I have this gut feeling that many are throwing it into the mix because it is rapidly becoming more popular and they feel they need to offer it. Do they have any training or experience with it? It’s right there on the home page: “Now offering social media”. This gets me thinking even more. Does the customer want a marketing agency that recently added social media to its many other services or do they want someone who specializes in just social media? That’s another ongoing question that has been in the back of my mind for some time.

While I’m on the subject, another thing I have noted is the increasing job postings for a social media manager. Now, on the job postings, companies are requiring the new social media manager to have a Bachelor’s Degree. Why? I can say with great probability that the majority of marketers out there did not receive lessons in social media while they were obtaining their degrees. It’s only been around for the last few years. Maybe a recent grad… That really makes no sense to me. Do the companies who are hiring the social media manager even know what they are looking for?

Questions… Questions…

Maybe someone can enlighten me.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Were You Fooled Today?

For those not familiar with what is going on: HubSpot sent out a message today that their IMU was shut down due to due to a cease and decist order from an attorney and to click to save Hubspot IMU. I clicked and it made me join Captain Inbound's ning group who says he's the only one not hit with the cease order and he's trying to keep his identity a secret but Hubspot would be sending secret codes we needed to figure out so they didn't get caught and we could help stop the cease order and get them back up and running.

Well, I checked out the lawyer. Whois directory says her website was created in April 2010. Phone number unlisted. No address on cease letter they put up. It's a one page website. The Marketing company who hired the lawyer - same thing - cruddy site, whois directory says website created in Apr 2010. No letter can make them stop either. Only a judge.

Within the hour I had figured them out. A few select of us as well. I felt bad because they probably planned this staged shutdown for a long time and we called them out on it in an hour.

Hubspot has a page up that you can find saying that they not in any trouble and it's game they are playing to make us all secret agents and come together as a community because their research shows that when you play a game with someone, you become closer to them and develop a better relationship. Of course, some people are upset because they wasted their time and they were duped.

But just for one moment, besides their excuse to use it as a community building exercise, think of all the twitters, etc. they are getting from this publicity stunt. Twitter is already flooded with people tweeting about the shutdown and it's not even true. All their secret missions where to talk about hubspot, sign up for hubspot, become a Facebook fan of Hubspot, etc. Clues were given in their book that you have to buy. They are generating a tremendous outdoor of SEO from twitter and Facebook, etc. right now.

I find this to be absolutely brilliant marketing. They took email addresses to sign up and help Hubspot (lead generation). They asked you to tweet to your followers to help Hubspot (social media promotion and gathered more lead generation). The blog spots, the Facebook Fans, and on and on.... Another lesson for the day. If you create remarkable content, you will create SEO and social media promotion.

This also gave them the opportunity to take all people affiliated and immediately start their own community... fast.

Any other feedback on what happened today?

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