Saturday, May 15, 2010

How to Blog Effectively for Business

First, make sure you have all components of your blog in place: header, sidebar, content, and enable comments. Your side bar should have information that is value to your readers and will create interaction. This includes links to your own website and a possible blogroll that is relevant to your topic that will provide more information valuable to your readers. Comments need to be enabled in order for you to interact with your readers and will also allow your readers to leave feedback on your blog. Your header should create a visual tone of your company's blog. The most important piece of information that I can give you is to create value content for your readers. This will keep your readers coming back and your readers will in turn, promote your blog. If you are blogging for a company, do not only post information relating to your organization. You should always post information that is appealing to your target audience.

There are several different layouts to choose from when creating your blog. Two column layout: post column and sidebar, two column layout: sidebar and post column, three column layout: sidebar, post column, sidebar, three column: post column, sidebar, sidebar. Which you choose is up to you, however you need to make sure your content is clean, readable, and easily navigated. You do not want your readers to get lost in your blog. The blog needs to be organized extremely well.

Here are some questions to ask yourself: How many people will be blogging? Am I comfortable editing the template? Will I host on my own site or on a blogging site? Will I subscribe to a free or paid service? Do I have the time to blog? Do I have people to blog? Can I commit to this blog from here on out with no expiration date? Do I have happy, passionate bloggers? These questions will help you decide how you begin your blogging practice and how you set up your future blog site.

The three best practices that I incorporate into my blog are: sidebar information, valuable posts for readers, enabling comments. Here, in the near future, I will have my sidebar information up to par for my readers so they can also read on to other sites with valuable content for them. All future blogs will create valuable content for my readers with topics they may be interested in with regards to blogging and social media. I have enabled comments on my blog for reader feedback so that I may interact with my readers and gather their opinions on topics and my posts themselves.

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