Thursday, May 27, 2010

How to use Facebook for your business:

• Apply keywords to your profile for Search Engine Optimization
• Link to your blog in posts for other viewers to read
• Connect to your twitter and other accounts and feed timely updates to your connections
• Brand management – You can display your portrait or logo on your pages
• You can search and see company profiles
• Ability to build and maintain a meaningful network
• Join groups and gain insight and knowledge. You can also use groups to find new connections, ask for help, ask questions, and find resources
• Ask and answer questions. You can showcase your knowledge and expertise by answering questions.
• Create your own group targeting your audience
• Point fans/friends to your blog or contest
• Discuss topics and participate in discussions
• Place a call to action on your page
• Highlight events you are attending or events you are hosting
• Engage your audience with relevant and valuable information
• Use for establishing credibility, lead generation, PR, events, reputation, crisis management, customer relations, knowledge, and thought leadership
• Post pictures of your products or team members
• Post pictures of customers/client showing satisfaction from your company product or service
• Post and comment frequently
• Showcase your company’s sponsorships – post pictures of banners, t-shirts, etc.
• Know your target audience and find them where they are
• Be clear on your objective
• Monitor and participate in comments on your wall
• Find unique ways to encourage people to like your page or be friends with your company
• Use videos if you have them. Show videos from your team speaking about your product or service. Show videos of your product being used or displayed.
• Do not hard sell
• Do not censor comments
• Do not spam
• Do not post false information on your page
• If you have a page as a company, make sure your real name and photo are also displayed somewhere as well

Follow this list to help expand your reach and grow your connections with Social Media Marketing.

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