Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Social Search – Another Reason to Start Inbound Marketing

No more need to ask your friends about a restaurant after you search for one. Bing and Facebook have partnered to bring you social search. It is going to revolutionize search, again. From now on, when you search for anything on Bing, the search engine will draw information that your friends have shared on Facebook from your query.

Liked Results will be one new Bing search option. This option showcases relevant items you have searched for shared by friends on Facebook. Bing explains that when a person searches for a restaurant in say San Francisco, Bing not only shows you listings in San Francisco for restaurants, but also establishments your Facebook friends like as well. If you think it’s still not time to start your inbound marketing campaign and set up your Facebook profile, you are going to be left in the dust. Those companies on Facebook with a Facebook Fan Page being liked by a large community are going to gain a tremendous amount of leads and sales over their competitors. Now is the time.

Bing will also be featuring a Profile Search which will display Facebook profiles matching your query. Bing states users perform people searches frequently on their search engine. Remember the last time you were searching for someone and had to search through various general web searches trying to find a profile where you could connect? Well, that just got easier. Bing will display Facebook profiles most relevant to you in your search query for that particular person.

Bing has made their social feature an opt-in feature. Therefore, you will not see any of the social search results unless you give Bing permission to display them to you.

Google already has a form of this with http://search.twitter.com/.  Google also allows you to see results from people you are connected to in your Google Account. Looks like right now it’s Google and Twitter vs Bing and Facebook. This is only the beginning of how social is going to and is currently revolutionizing search and marketing.

Will this option persuade you to start using Bing instead of Google? Or at least give Bing a try? What do you think about social search? I’d love to hear your comments.

*Photo direct from Bing's website "Bing Likes Facebook": http://www.discoverbing.com/facebook/?fbid=1Tup-Fl9wDY&wom=false#step-1  

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