Thursday, October 28, 2010

How Google Instant Changes Inbound Marketing

Google instant is Google’s new search enhancement that shows the user results for their search query as they type. Google is promising to shave 2.5 seconds off each user’s search with this new upgrade

Here are some ways that Google instant will change your SEO and Inbound Marketing.

1. As users get used to seeing predictions for what they are typing in the search bar on Google, they will evolve to learn how to use more descriptive keywords in order to obtain results for exactly what they are searching for.

2. Shorter keywords are going to play the most important role. You should optimize for shorter keyword phrases and keep your copy brief as well as prominent.

3. When predictive results are shown as a Google instant user types, if the results as shown for three seconds or longer, Google counts this as an impression. You should closely monitor your PPC campaigns to see what changes are taking affect regarding your impressions.

4. There will be more competition for your shorter keyword phrases. As companies learn they would like to show up on the search results page for the first word the Google instant user types, competition for shorter keywords is going to increase. From one word to two words to three words, you will need to optimize for these keywords and monitor your competition’s changes.

5. Use Google instant to do your own keyword research. Imagine yourself as a consumer and use the new search to find your best and shortest keyword phrases. See what comes up as a result for the end user and target those keywords in your on-page and off-page SEO.

6. 68% of internet searchers click on the first page. Competition to be on the first page will increase. Watch your PPC Campaigns closely as your ads may now fall below the fold. You may need to adjust your keyword strategy. User behavior is also changing. Searchers will not be going to the second and third page as often any longer. Instead, searchers will adjust their search phrase in the Google instant search bar to bring the results they are seeking onto the first page.

7. Google instant did not include any algorithm changes. Your on-page and off-page SEO tactics will remain the same in accordance to how Google ranks your page for each item.

8. Things to watch. Things to watch that may change in the near future are: the way a user develops a search query, click patterns on the results page, and the method used to scan a page when looking for results.

9. Your longer keywords will not be the first results seen. However, when someone reaches your website from a longer keyword phrase, they will be a more qualified lead.

10. Google’s auto-complete results will gain more search volume and traffic. Again, test drive Google instant to configure your best keywords. Pay attention to the auto-complete suggestions and see how you can use those keywords to optimize your website.

Google instant is definitely one important factor to watch in the upcoming months as search patterns change. Monitor search behavior and adjust your SEO as necessary. You may wish to check your page rank on Google often until you are certain you have re-optimized your webpages to the best of your ability to align with the new Google instant and the new search behavior.

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