Friday, July 9, 2010

The Value of a Tweet

What do you think about magazine, newspaper, and other media charging their advertising clients money to tweet to their audience? Do you think that is playing nice or do you think they should be just following their clients and retweeting for free? I understand they couldn’t do that if their clients are not on twitter to follow.
I seen one that is charging $500 for one tweet to their approximately 13,000 subscribers. $500 for one tweet? How many of those 13,000 subscribers are actually logged onto Twitter in the next 20 minutes to see that tweet? Twitter moves so fast you need to scroll down a couple pages just to see what was tweeted in the last hour. Is this worth the value?
I understand why they are adding this to their mix. Social media is great promotion and has value. I feel like they are taking advantage of their unknowing clients by offering one tweet. Their clients who are not on Twitter will not understand that only a small portion of that number will probably even see that tweet. Maybe if they were tweeting several times during the month or so many tweets each week for four weeks – this may have a more significant value. What are your thoughts on this?

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